Top Ten Doctorate of Finance Schools Online

GetAttachmentIf you are looking for a doctorate in financial studies, then you obviously want to attend only the best and most prestigious school. While there are many choices if you intend on physically going to classes, it gets a little bit harder if you want online classes. The good news is that there are several colleges that have an online doctorate program that you can complete in a matter of years. These are the 10 best colleges for this area of study.

Kansas State University:

Kansas State Unvs

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Kansas State University is offering an online doctorate program for personal financial planning. This program is unique because it’s currently one of the few online programs in this area of study. Students who complete the entire program will also be eligible for the CFP certification exam. You can easily get a job as a accredited financial counselor, registered financial consultant or certified retirement counselor.

The entire program emphasizes macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial planning, counseling skills and the ability to use advanced financial software. The program is very career based, and it’s meant for people who currently have a job in the financial field. Students are pushed to find their area of interest, and you should be able to find work at public or private companies.

Walden University:

Walden University

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Walden University offers a doctorate in business administration with several different specializations. You can specialize in financial studies, but you might also be interested in the accounting specialization.

The program focuses on helping you understand what contributes to a firm’s value, and how you can significantly improve that value with strategic financial moves. You will learn how to structure a firm’s finances, create a budget and even work with other countries if the firm works with international clients.

Students are encouraged to constantly combine experience, practice and theory for the best results. Courses also focus on developing your critical-thinking and writing skills so that you can easily speak with CEOs and other high-level business people.

While the classes are primarily online, you must be present for eight academic residency days to get your doctorate.

Capella University:

Capella University

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Capella University offers an online doctorate degree in business administration with a financial specialization. The courses primarily focus on the theory behind financial administration. You will not only learn the history of modern financial theories, but you will understand why they are essential and how you can apply them once you graduate.

While the program focuses mostly on theory, you will also learn how to use those theories in practical situations. Students are encouraged to consider the legal, ethical and regulatory angles of every decision before moving forward. Since most companies deal with international clients, you will also learn how to perform tasks that don’t endanger the company’s standing in another country.

Many students with a doctorate from Capella University become CFOs, CEOs and VPs in finance.

Boston University:

Boston University

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Boston University’s financial doctorate program is much more factual than the others. While most of the other universities focused on both theory and practice, Boston University offers a doctorate in mathematical finance that focuses almost exclusively on factual and analytical information.

While some of the courses involve theories, it’s a student’s job to understand exactly how those theories are applied in a mathematical sense. This is better for people who like following a specific path rather than applying theories to certain situations.

One of the best things about Boston University is that most students will have an average starting salary of $100,000, and about 66 percent of students have a job by the time they graduate.

North Central University:

North central university

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This college has a program for a doctorate of philosophy in financial management. While you are technically getting a philosophy degree, the coursework combines theories and practical situations so that you can adequately function in a real work environment.

The program will teach you skills that apply to both not-for-profit and for-profit companies as you will be able to understand how a company generates earnings, properly using investment techniques and reading financial documents. Students will also be able to offer expert financial advice that companies can use to grow their value.

Students will be prepped for educational environments, but you can easily get a job as a teacher, financial analyst, financial researcher, economist and loan officer. Along with applying skills, you will also be encouraged to continue gathering new skills to best serve your employer.

University of Essex:


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If you want a doctorate in computational finance, then the University of Essex might be the right college for you. As the program suggests, the coursework primarily concerns understanding the formulas and technological side of finance. Students will learn about financial risk management, using programs to aid in gathering intelligence and how to manage large amounts of money.

Aside from being more on the logical side, the University of Essex prefers using a research-based model that puts students and teachers in close proximity. You will be expected to speak with your professors on a regular basis as you develop your thesis. There are also a number of internship opportunities, both domestic and international, for online students.

Many of the top students will go on to work for large companies like Mitsubishi, HSBC and Bank of England. If you want a college that gives you many opportunities, then University of Essex is one of the best choices.

SMC University:


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SMC University offers a degree in business administration and financial management through their online classes. Instead of combining experience and theory, SMC prefers to combine strong and effective content with powerful and proven business strategies that will help you succeed in any financial field.

While most universities prefer to show you exclusively how to use financial information, SMC will also teach students about various socio-economic ideas that can be used to help understand the people that a company advertises towards. This allows you to form financial strategies that will better serve your employer’s customers, which can put you on the fast track to various promotions.

This is a practical degree course that works perfectly for anyone who wants to climb the ladder in a corporate setting.

University of Maryland:

Unv of Maryland

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The University of Maryland’s doctorate in financial information seems very similar to other doctorates at first glance. You will learn about financial theory, asset pricing and microeconomics. The major difference is how the courses are focused.

You are not treated as a student that might get a mid-level job after completing your doctorate. The University of Maryland is known for raising leaders, and most of the classes will teach you exactly how to lead a department or an entire company. While you’ll still have to climb the ladder when you get hired, you’ll know exactly how to manage both employees and financial information.

If you want a college that prepares for you a high-level leadership position, then this is definitely the best college for you.

Empresarial University of Costa Rica:


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If Spanish is your primary language, then you might want to choose the Empresarial University. The doctorate of business administration offers both English and Spanish classes, and you’ll learn how to manage financial information through a comprehensive list of courses and tasks that will train you to meet the expectations of even the strictest employers.

Students will learn how to lead at the executive level, use financial information to boost a company’s value, prepare strategic budgets and how to work with advanced corporate finances.

Another benefit is that you can choose how your courses are structured. You can either choose a research-based program with an extensive thesis, or a course-based program with a smaller thesis. If you are worried about creating a long and extensive thesis, then this might be beneficial.

Manderson Graduate School of Business:


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The Manderson Graduate School of Business does not just teach students how to perform well in a business setting; their benefits are attuned to business-based people. For example, their courses are small and focused so that you get the best ROI for your expenditures. You are also expected to interact with your teacher so that you get the most from each class, which will help when you look for a job after graduating.

This college offers a doctorate in business administration and finances. It works best for people who are more interested in business as a whole and who want to use their financial acumen to catapult to the top of a company, but the courses offer comprehensive information that almost anyone interested in finances can use.


There are many colleges that offer a doctorate in financial studies, but these 10 go above and beyond because their courses are special, have certain attributes that will help you get a good job and they are all known for producing great workers with a high starting salary. If you want to make the most of your time and money, then be sure to study with one of these colleges.