Top Ten Colleges for a Masters Degree in Finance

Rankings BadgeFinding the right college or university to obtain your Master’s degree in Finance will allow you to truly advance within the industry in various careers. Seeking out some of the top ten colleges for a Master’s degree in Finance is possible by utilizing both online and local resources. Comparing all of the programs available is a way to gain insight into different careers that may peak your interest more than others, guiding you to the right decision.

University of Pennsylvania



The University of Pennsylvania hosts one of the best programs when working towards receiving a Master’s degree in Finance. There are approximately 1,685 students enrolled within the business school of the University of Pennsylvania. Tuition when enrolled for a full year at the University of Pennsylvania costs approximately $57,026 depending on the program you have chosen. Accounting, eCommerce, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, quantitative analysis/statistics and even operations research courses are available from the school of business. There are outdoor ventures, week-long trips, more than 25 research centers and nearly 150 organizations from the college itself available to all students of the university.

University of Chicago

U Chicago


The Booth School of Business offered out of the University of Chicago provides an ideal program when seeking a Master’s in Finance degree. Tuition is approximately $56,000 for all students enrolled year-round. There are approximately 1,161 students enrolled full-time in the school and 1,473 students taking part-time classes. It is possible to earn also earn a M.B.A. by taking evening and weekend courses when enrolled at the University of Chicago. Accounting, economics, finance and quantitative analysis courses are offered from the college and are included in business and finance programs.

New York University



Graduate programs available from New York University include finance, economics, eCommerce, operations research and quantitative analysis, ideal if you are interested in pursuing a Master’s in Finance degree. The total cost of a full degree program offered in finance or in the business industry is approximately $157,00 altogether. Each credit from New York University costs $1,738, with a total cost of about $52,828 for a full year of tuition. There is also a Master’s degree is Mathematics in Finance available through the University.

Stanford University

stanford university


Stanford University has a much smaller student body than traditional universities, with an average of 803 students each year. The total cost of attending Stanford University regardless of the program you are interested in is approximately $57,300 each year. Accounting, economics, eCommerce, quantitative analysis, and traditional finance programs are all courses that are available when you are working towards a Master’s in Finance. The university also offers more than 30 cross-school electives for students to choose from, giving a wide variety of options when seeking new experiences and relevant interest courses.

Harvard University



Harvard University requires approximately $53,500 in tuition per year that you are enrolled full-time, with a total student body of 1,824. There are graduate programs to obtain a master’s degree in various industries such as economics, finance, marketing, international business, leadership, eCommerce and even general management and administration. Harvard provides a hands-on method of learning with numerous research centers readily available for the student body to access along with more than 70 clubs for students to join while they are enrolled in the college. Most students who are enrolled in any form of graduate program offered from Harvard University will gain access to research centers available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology along with additional Harvard-based centers.

Columbia University

Columbia U


Students enrolled in Columbia University full-time are required to pay approximately $58,384 annually for tuition. Additionally, those seeking an executive degree from a Master’s program are required to pay $2,688 per credit that is earned through the university. The university itself currently has 1,274 students enrolled, making it a smaller college altogether. There are more than 100 graduate organizations available to enroll in while working towards a Masters degree in Finance when at Columbia University.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an entire school of management for students interested in pursuing a Master’s in Finance or Business. The Sloan School of Management currently only has 816 students enrolled with a tuition fee of $57,920 annually for those who are looking to attend classes full-time. Economics, general finance, business, international business, leadership, management information systems, operations research and even technology Master’s degrees can all be obtained when attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school also partners with various companies throughout India, China and the United states itself to allow students who are working in different graduate programs to get real-time work with solving issues and any problems they may have encountered.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

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According to statistics, enrolling full-time in a graduate program when working towards a Master’s degree in Finance costs approximately $50,000 in-state and $55,000 for individuals who are moving from out of state to attend the University of Michigan out of Ann Arbor. Each credit costs $1,638 for in-state students and $1,805 for out-of-state students. Individuals looking to obtain an executive degree from the university are required to pay $52,400 for in-state students and $54,400 for those from out-of-state. There are programs available in general finance and business as well as a Master of Accounting graduate program from the University of Michigan.

University of California (Berkeley)



The full yearly tuition for the graduate program in Finance from the University of California out of Berkeley is approximately $51,422 for in-state students and $53,969 for students enrolled from out-of-state. It is possible to earn a M.B.A from the University of California within 21 months using a traditional program or in 3 years when enrolled in a part-time graduate program.

University of California – Los Angeles (Anderson)



Getting a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of California costs $48,243 for in-state students and $54,530 for out-of-state students who want to enroll full-time each year to complete their program. It is possible to work towards a Master’s Degree program from the University of California in Los Angeles on weekends and by enrolling in evening classes. The university itself also provides opportunities including studying abroad, enrolling in exchange programs and even immersion outings.