Top Ten Affordable Online Schools for a Bachelors of Finance

Rankings BadgeIn the past, pursuing a career as a financial manager was an opportunity only available to those who attended a full-time program at the physical location of a college. Only those students from wealthy or affluent families may have been able to afford the cost of living on a college campus and paying for the expensive tuition at universities. Now, the world of online education has served as an equalizing force in society and has enabled many hard-working people to pursue their dreams of becoming a financial manager or other type of financial adviser. Students can enroll in an online program and receive a bachelor’s degree in finance at their own pace. Students can consider the following 10 online schools for the excellent finance degree programs that they have. The following factors were taken into consideration to create this list: cost of tuition and textbooks, employment opportunities available for graduates, reputation of the program and any other special offerings available for students.

1. Baker College Online

Baker College


Baker College Online offers a finance program that focuses on resource allocation. The benefit of enrolling in the bachelor’s degree program is that students will learn how to adapt their knowledge to fields like investment banking, asset management, financial markets and even insurance. Students are able to develop practical problem-solving skills so that they are ready for careers in finance. For undergraduate courses, Baker College Online charges $225 per credit hour. To receive a bachelor’s degree in finance, students must complete 69 credit hours. The total tuition of the program is $15,525.

2. Liberty University Online

Liberty U Online


At Liberty University, students can obtain a world-class education with a focus on Christianity. Those who are interested in receiving an education that also has a theological point of view may wish to enroll in Liberty’s online finance degree program. For a bachelor’s degree, the cost per credit hour is $340. Military members can pay a reduced rate of $250 per credit hour. Liberty’s program focuses on multiple aspects of finance including accounting, banking, development of investment strategies and the stock market. Liberty continues has been ranked as one of the top 10 online colleges for the past two years by the Online Education Database.

3. Florida Atlantic University

Florida atlantic university


As an online school with a great reputation and low tuition rates, this is an attractive option for anyone with a desire to pursue a bachelor’s finance degree. In-state residents only pay a tuition rate of $2,296 a year, while out-of-state residents pay a tuition rate of $12.458. Applicants may start their program at any time. However, students should be aware that courses may not be offered every term. The finance degree program can be completed in as little as two years.

4. University of Michigan-Dearborn

U Michigan dearborn


The University of Michigan is known for far more than its great football team. The University of Michigan-Dearborn offers an innovative finance degree program, and the low tuition rates make it even better. For an out-of-state resident, tuition fees are $20,068. For in-state residents, the tuition fees are $8,857. There is also an online graduate business program offered through the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and over 90 percent of students are already working full-time when they enroll in the program.

5. University of Houston

University of Houston


The University of Houston has been one of the leading universities in expanding online education. The online program was established in 2008. The finance degree program requires completion of 120 credit hours. For in-state students, the tuition rate is only $3,816. Out-of-state students pay $12,072 for tuition. The University of Houston believes in offering students a finance education that is broad and includes courses like English Composition, History and other humanities courses.

6. University of Nebraska

U Nebraska


The University of Nebraska offers students with a flexible way to obtain their finance degree. The online finance program gives students the ability to work part-time and obtain a bachelor’s degree too. A four-track program in banking, risk management and insurance, investment analysis and general finance is offered at the University of Nebraska. In-state residents pay a tuition rate of $5,948, while out-of-state residents pay a tuition rate of $13,430.

7. University of Wisconsin

U Wisconson


The University of Wisconsin is dedicated to opening the doors of education students from all backgrounds. Over 75 percent of students work while pursuing an online degree at the University of Wisconsin. The school believes in having many components to its requirements for a finance degree, including a service component and experiential learning component. For in-state residents, tuition fees are $5,857. Students from outside of the state pay $13,430.

8. University of Phoenix

U Phoenix


The online finance program at the University of Phoenix prepares students for entering the accounting profession. Those who want to receive an education tailored to the CPA exam should consider choosing the University of Phoenix. There are courses available the can be completed in only five or six weeks. Students can also take business law and compliance courses, which are very unique offerings. The tuition rate is $8,720. There is also an undergraduate bookkeeping certificate available for students who may wish to work as assistants in finance firms.

9. Victory University

U Victory


Victory University offers a finance degree program that provides an intensive study of various aspects of accounting. Students who are interested in accounting or business finance may want to consider enrolling in the program at Victory. The tuition rate for students is $8,040 for in-state and out-of-state students.

10. Columbia College



Students can receive an excellent education when they enroll in the online program at Columbia College. Columbia College offers a finance degree that has very few requirements in comparison with other online college. Students only need to complete nine semester hours of required courses and nine semester hours of elective courses. The tuition rate for students is $7,016. Students can complete the finance major requirements in less than one year.

By choosing one of these online finance programs, you will be able to earn your bachelor’s degree in just a couple years and can save thousands of dollars on tuition expenses. You can get in touch with the admissions department of these schools to learn more about submitting an application.