Top Ten Affordable Associates of Finance Online Campuses

Rankings BadgeGetting your first degree in finance or business administration is a big deal because you’ll need it to get an entry-level job or progress to a higher degree. While most online colleges are more concerned with four-year and six-year degrees, there are many that offer two-year degrees for this specific topic. Not only that, but the cost per credit tends to be much cheaper for undergraduate students. These are the top 10 online colleges for finance and business administration.

Post University

Post Unv


This online college has a great financial program for new students. Not only that, but it offers many marketing classes, which can be useful for this degree. Online classes are small. Most classes only have about 20 people, which ensure that the teacher can easily focus on each individual student.

Another great benefit is that this college has an accelerated program so that you can get your degree in about a year. You can even get a four-year degree within 18 months. This college is perfect for busy adults and new students who want to quickly enter their desired career field.

Independence University
If you want a college that has a lot of experience with distance learning, then Independence University is the best. While most colleges have created an online program in the last few years, Independence University has been facilitating distance learning for over 30 years. While this college is primarily for health and medical students, it has recently added a financial program.

This college is ranked among the best for its online program, and the degree is fairly inexpensive when compared to similar colleges.

Brandman University


Brandman University has one of the highest graduating rates of all online colleges. About 80 percent of students graduate, which is significantly higher than other colleges. Their online program is also one of the most immersive because this college implements a number of tools to make things easier for students and teachers to interact.

Instead of just having a video chat feature and online blackboard, there is also an interactive whiteboard, students are encouraged to upload relevant files and there are often deep conversations between the students and teacher.

Sullivan University

Sullivan Unv


Sullivan University is more selective about its students than most other online colleges. You are expected to give them your transcript, if you were at a previous college, and SAT or ACT scores before you are admitted. If you are accepted, then you’ll love the flexibility that Sullivan University offers.

Aside from having a hard time getting to class, many busy adults have a difficult time committing to a full-time school schedule. Sullivan University allows you to work at your own pace. You also get all of the same materials that on-campus students have access to.

DeVry University



DeVry University is a recognized name when it comes to online colleges. While this college primarily focuses on tech degrees, you can also get a degree in business administration and finance. Unlike most online programs that are fairly exclusive, it’s very easy to be accepted into DeVry. Not only that, but employers love this college and there are over 95 locations throughout the country where you can walk across the stage and get your diploma when you graduate.

There are also many minor programs and specializations.

Argosy University



Unlike many colleges that are focused on making students take notes and complete tests, this is a career-focused college that wants its students to succeed after college. Not only that, but all of the classes are meant to be fun and exciting.

You won’t be taking notes and listening to boring lectures. You’ll be expected to participate in informative seminars where all of the students will input into the conversation. If you want active classes and a career-focused degree, then Argosy University is perfect for you.

California Southern University

U Southern Cali


Most people don’t miss the commute, crowded classrooms and difficult parking of a physical college, but they do miss the large and impressive libraries that every college has. While most online colleges do their best to supplement you with e-books and online resource materials, they all tend to fall flat in this regard.

California Southern University has a huge online resource system so that you can easily student for your tests and learn more about your favorite finance topics. Not only that, but faculty members will give every student individual attention and mentoring to ensure that they succeed.

Benedictine University

Benedictine U


If you would prefer a more religious university, then Benedictine University offers you an online program that is specifically meant for devote Catholics. This college offers a variety of business and finance degrees, and you can easily get your degree in less than two years.

Students are expected to embody an entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to start your own business or quickly climb the corporate ladder, then this is the perfect college for your needs. Students also seem to have a fellowship that isn’t seen with most other online colleges. While most students are religious, the issue typically isn’t forced on students who are more interested in just getting their degree.

New England College of Business and Finance

New England colllege of business and finance


This college tends to have more money than others because it’s the only bank-sponsored college in the country. As you can tell by the name, this college specializes in teaching students about business and finance. The online program is expected to take about 160 weeks to complete.

Aside from teaching students about general business practices and essential financial strategies, the program is meant to easily lead into a four-year degree. If you want a specialized college or a higher degree, then you’ll like this online program.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University


This online program excels in showing you the ropes when it comes to business. The program obviously focuses on financial studies, but you’ll also learn about business law, marketing, technology and applied statistics so that you can become a great asset to whatever employer that you work for.

Another interesting benefit is that this college has many satellite campuses throughout the New England area. If you are in this area of the country, then you can easily visit the campus to see the library or talk to other students.