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There are many different levels of education and many educational institutions which teach Finance at different levels. Some schools offer certain programs and focus on different educational strategies.

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Why Finance?(Rhetorical)

The stock market crashed a few years ago.  Credit crunched and the housing market fell; leaving the consumer to ask why is it so hard to get a lone nowadays?  It seems the answer to that is that some banks and mortgage lenders made some bad financial decisions (toxic loans). A housing bubble was created and, like all bubbles,  it burst.  Leading the economy downward and prompting government response.  All these complex casual relationships begs an explanation and it all starts with asking the question, “What is FINANCE anyway?”  Many of us (and must be to function in society) are familiar with our own personal run in with money but complications emerge  once we arrive at the macro level; through examining the different public, international, and corporate sectors of finance, understanding can be gained.

The auto industry bail outs for Detroit, government stimulus packages, failures in other sectors, and various  major banks being bailed out by the federal government… It all paints a picture.  Here’s an artist rendition.

"...tried smothering, Solved?"

“Metaphor for failing instiutitions receiving taxpayer money to stay afloat”


However, it’s safe to say, “Finance is a bit more complex than that… and warrants further study”.



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