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Top Ten Colleges for a Masters Degree in Finance

Rankings BadgeFinding the right college or university to obtain your Master’s degree in Finance will allow you to truly advance within the industry in various careers. Seeking out some of the top ten colleges for a Master’s degree in Finance is possible by utilizing both online and local resources. Comparing all of the programs available is a way to gain insight into different careers that may peak your interest more than others, guiding you to the right decision.

University of Pennsylvania



The University of Pennsylvania hosts one of the best programs when working towards receiving a Master’s degree in Finance. There are approximately 1,685 students enrolled within the business school of the University of Pennsylvania. Tuition when enrolled for a full year at the University of Pennsylvania costs approximately $57,026 depending on the program you have chosen. Accounting, eCommerce, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, quantitative analysis/statistics and even operations research courses are available from the school of business. There are outdoor ventures, week-long trips, more than 25 research centers and nearly 150 organizations from the college itself available to all students of the university.

University of Chicago

U Chicago


The Booth School of Business offered out of the University of Chicago provides an ideal program when seeking a Master’s in Finance degree. Tuition is approximately $56,000 for all students enrolled year-round. There are approximately 1,161 students enrolled full-time in the school and 1,473 students taking part-time classes. It is possible to earn also earn a M.B.A. by taking evening and weekend courses when enrolled at the University of Chicago. Accounting, economics, finance and quantitative analysis courses are offered from the college and are included in business and finance programs.

New York University



Graduate programs available from New York University include finance, economics, eCommerce, operations research and quantitative analysis, ideal if you are interested in pursuing a Master’s in Finance degree. The total cost of a full degree program offered in finance or in the business industry is approximately $157,00 altogether. Each credit from New York University costs $1,738, with a total cost of about $52,828 for a full year of tuition. There is also a Master’s degree is Mathematics in Finance available through the University.

Stanford University

stanford university


Stanford University has a much smaller student body than traditional universities, with an average of 803 students each year. The total cost of attending Stanford University regardless of the program you are interested in is approximately $57,300 each year. Accounting, economics, eCommerce, quantitative analysis, and traditional finance programs are all courses that are available when you are working towards a Master’s in Finance. The university also offers more than 30 cross-school electives for students to choose from, giving a wide variety of options when seeking new experiences and relevant interest courses.

Harvard University



Harvard University requires approximately $53,500 in tuition per year that you are enrolled full-time, with a total student body of 1,824. There are graduate programs to obtain a master’s degree in various industries such as economics, finance, marketing, international business, leadership, eCommerce and even general management and administration. Harvard provides a hands-on method of learning with numerous research centers readily available for the student body to access along with more than 70 clubs for students to join while they are enrolled in the college. Most students who are enrolled in any form of graduate program offered from Harvard University will gain access to research centers available from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology along with additional Harvard-based centers.

Columbia University

Columbia U


Students enrolled in Columbia University full-time are required to pay approximately $58,384 annually for tuition. Additionally, those seeking an executive degree from a Master’s program are required to pay $2,688 per credit that is earned through the university. The university itself currently has 1,274 students enrolled, making it a smaller college altogether. There are more than 100 graduate organizations available to enroll in while working towards a Masters degree in Finance when at Columbia University.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)



The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an entire school of management for students interested in pursuing a Master’s in Finance or Business. The Sloan School of Management currently only has 816 students enrolled with a tuition fee of $57,920 annually for those who are looking to attend classes full-time. Economics, general finance, business, international business, leadership, management information systems, operations research and even technology Master’s degrees can all be obtained when attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school also partners with various companies throughout India, China and the United states itself to allow students who are working in different graduate programs to get real-time work with solving issues and any problems they may have encountered.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Photo Services, Kim Haskins


According to statistics, enrolling full-time in a graduate program when working towards a Master’s degree in Finance costs approximately $50,000 in-state and $55,000 for individuals who are moving from out of state to attend the University of Michigan out of Ann Arbor. Each credit costs $1,638 for in-state students and $1,805 for out-of-state students. Individuals looking to obtain an executive degree from the university are required to pay $52,400 for in-state students and $54,400 for those from out-of-state. There are programs available in general finance and business as well as a Master of Accounting graduate program from the University of Michigan.

University of California (Berkeley)



The full yearly tuition for the graduate program in Finance from the University of California out of Berkeley is approximately $51,422 for in-state students and $53,969 for students enrolled from out-of-state. It is possible to earn a M.B.A from the University of California within 21 months using a traditional program or in 3 years when enrolled in a part-time graduate program.

University of California – Los Angeles (Anderson)



Getting a Master’s degree in Finance from the University of California costs $48,243 for in-state students and $54,530 for out-of-state students who want to enroll full-time each year to complete their program. It is possible to work towards a Master’s Degree program from the University of California in Los Angeles on weekends and by enrolling in evening classes. The university itself also provides opportunities including studying abroad, enrolling in exchange programs and even immersion outings.


Top Ten Affordable Online Schools for a Bachelors of Finance

Rankings BadgeIn the past, pursuing a career as a financial manager was an opportunity only available to those who attended a full-time program at the physical location of a college. Only those students from wealthy or affluent families may have been able to afford the cost of living on a college campus and paying for the expensive tuition at universities. Now, the world of online education has served as an equalizing force in society and has enabled many hard-working people to pursue their dreams of becoming a financial manager or other type of financial adviser. Students can enroll in an online program and receive a bachelor’s degree in finance at their own pace. Students can consider the following 10 online schools for the excellent finance degree programs that they have. The following factors were taken into consideration to create this list: cost of tuition and textbooks, employment opportunities available for graduates, reputation of the program and any other special offerings available for students.

1. Baker College Online

Baker College


Baker College Online offers a finance program that focuses on resource allocation. The benefit of enrolling in the bachelor’s degree program is that students will learn how to adapt their knowledge to fields like investment banking, asset management, financial markets and even insurance. Students are able to develop practical problem-solving skills so that they are ready for careers in finance. For undergraduate courses, Baker College Online charges $225 per credit hour. To receive a bachelor’s degree in finance, students must complete 69 credit hours. The total tuition of the program is $15,525.

2. Liberty University Online

Liberty U Online


At Liberty University, students can obtain a world-class education with a focus on Christianity. Those who are interested in receiving an education that also has a theological point of view may wish to enroll in Liberty’s online finance degree program. For a bachelor’s degree, the cost per credit hour is $340. Military members can pay a reduced rate of $250 per credit hour. Liberty’s program focuses on multiple aspects of finance including accounting, banking, development of investment strategies and the stock market. Liberty continues has been ranked as one of the top 10 online colleges for the past two years by the Online Education Database.

3. Florida Atlantic University

Florida atlantic university


As an online school with a great reputation and low tuition rates, this is an attractive option for anyone with a desire to pursue a bachelor’s finance degree. In-state residents only pay a tuition rate of $2,296 a year, while out-of-state residents pay a tuition rate of $12.458. Applicants may start their program at any time. However, students should be aware that courses may not be offered every term. The finance degree program can be completed in as little as two years.

4. University of Michigan-Dearborn

U Michigan dearborn


The University of Michigan is known for far more than its great football team. The University of Michigan-Dearborn offers an innovative finance degree program, and the low tuition rates make it even better. For an out-of-state resident, tuition fees are $20,068. For in-state residents, the tuition fees are $8,857. There is also an online graduate business program offered through the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and over 90 percent of students are already working full-time when they enroll in the program.

5. University of Houston

University of Houston


The University of Houston has been one of the leading universities in expanding online education. The online program was established in 2008. The finance degree program requires completion of 120 credit hours. For in-state students, the tuition rate is only $3,816. Out-of-state students pay $12,072 for tuition. The University of Houston believes in offering students a finance education that is broad and includes courses like English Composition, History and other humanities courses.

6. University of Nebraska

U Nebraska


The University of Nebraska offers students with a flexible way to obtain their finance degree. The online finance program gives students the ability to work part-time and obtain a bachelor’s degree too. A four-track program in banking, risk management and insurance, investment analysis and general finance is offered at the University of Nebraska. In-state residents pay a tuition rate of $5,948, while out-of-state residents pay a tuition rate of $13,430.

7. University of Wisconsin

U Wisconson


The University of Wisconsin is dedicated to opening the doors of education students from all backgrounds. Over 75 percent of students work while pursuing an online degree at the University of Wisconsin. The school believes in having many components to its requirements for a finance degree, including a service component and experiential learning component. For in-state residents, tuition fees are $5,857. Students from outside of the state pay $13,430.

8. University of Phoenix

U Phoenix


The online finance program at the University of Phoenix prepares students for entering the accounting profession. Those who want to receive an education tailored to the CPA exam should consider choosing the University of Phoenix. There are courses available the can be completed in only five or six weeks. Students can also take business law and compliance courses, which are very unique offerings. The tuition rate is $8,720. There is also an undergraduate bookkeeping certificate available for students who may wish to work as assistants in finance firms.

9. Victory University

U Victory


Victory University offers a finance degree program that provides an intensive study of various aspects of accounting. Students who are interested in accounting or business finance may want to consider enrolling in the program at Victory. The tuition rate for students is $8,040 for in-state and out-of-state students.

10. Columbia College



Students can receive an excellent education when they enroll in the online program at Columbia College. Columbia College offers a finance degree that has very few requirements in comparison with other online college. Students only need to complete nine semester hours of required courses and nine semester hours of elective courses. The tuition rate for students is $7,016. Students can complete the finance major requirements in less than one year.

By choosing one of these online finance programs, you will be able to earn your bachelor’s degree in just a couple years and can save thousands of dollars on tuition expenses. You can get in touch with the admissions department of these schools to learn more about submitting an application.

Top Ten Affordable Associates of Finance Online Campuses

Rankings BadgeGetting your first degree in finance or business administration is a big deal because you’ll need it to get an entry-level job or progress to a higher degree. While most online colleges are more concerned with four-year and six-year degrees, there are many that offer two-year degrees for this specific topic. Not only that, but the cost per credit tends to be much cheaper for undergraduate students. These are the top 10 online colleges for finance and business administration.

Post University

Post Unv


This online college has a great financial program for new students. Not only that, but it offers many marketing classes, which can be useful for this degree. Online classes are small. Most classes only have about 20 people, which ensure that the teacher can easily focus on each individual student.

Another great benefit is that this college has an accelerated program so that you can get your degree in about a year. You can even get a four-year degree within 18 months. This college is perfect for busy adults and new students who want to quickly enter their desired career field.

Independence University
If you want a college that has a lot of experience with distance learning, then Independence University is the best. While most colleges have created an online program in the last few years, Independence University has been facilitating distance learning for over 30 years. While this college is primarily for health and medical students, it has recently added a financial program.

This college is ranked among the best for its online program, and the degree is fairly inexpensive when compared to similar colleges.

Brandman University


Brandman University has one of the highest graduating rates of all online colleges. About 80 percent of students graduate, which is significantly higher than other colleges. Their online program is also one of the most immersive because this college implements a number of tools to make things easier for students and teachers to interact.

Instead of just having a video chat feature and online blackboard, there is also an interactive whiteboard, students are encouraged to upload relevant files and there are often deep conversations between the students and teacher.

Sullivan University

Sullivan Unv


Sullivan University is more selective about its students than most other online colleges. You are expected to give them your transcript, if you were at a previous college, and SAT or ACT scores before you are admitted. If you are accepted, then you’ll love the flexibility that Sullivan University offers.

Aside from having a hard time getting to class, many busy adults have a difficult time committing to a full-time school schedule. Sullivan University allows you to work at your own pace. You also get all of the same materials that on-campus students have access to.

DeVry University



DeVry University is a recognized name when it comes to online colleges. While this college primarily focuses on tech degrees, you can also get a degree in business administration and finance. Unlike most online programs that are fairly exclusive, it’s very easy to be accepted into DeVry. Not only that, but employers love this college and there are over 95 locations throughout the country where you can walk across the stage and get your diploma when you graduate.

There are also many minor programs and specializations.

Argosy University



Unlike many colleges that are focused on making students take notes and complete tests, this is a career-focused college that wants its students to succeed after college. Not only that, but all of the classes are meant to be fun and exciting.

You won’t be taking notes and listening to boring lectures. You’ll be expected to participate in informative seminars where all of the students will input into the conversation. If you want active classes and a career-focused degree, then Argosy University is perfect for you.

California Southern University

U Southern Cali


Most people don’t miss the commute, crowded classrooms and difficult parking of a physical college, but they do miss the large and impressive libraries that every college has. While most online colleges do their best to supplement you with e-books and online resource materials, they all tend to fall flat in this regard.

California Southern University has a huge online resource system so that you can easily student for your tests and learn more about your favorite finance topics. Not only that, but faculty members will give every student individual attention and mentoring to ensure that they succeed.

Benedictine University

Benedictine U


If you would prefer a more religious university, then Benedictine University offers you an online program that is specifically meant for devote Catholics. This college offers a variety of business and finance degrees, and you can easily get your degree in less than two years.

Students are expected to embody an entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to start your own business or quickly climb the corporate ladder, then this is the perfect college for your needs. Students also seem to have a fellowship that isn’t seen with most other online colleges. While most students are religious, the issue typically isn’t forced on students who are more interested in just getting their degree.

New England College of Business and Finance

New England colllege of business and finance


This college tends to have more money than others because it’s the only bank-sponsored college in the country. As you can tell by the name, this college specializes in teaching students about business and finance. The online program is expected to take about 160 weeks to complete.

Aside from teaching students about general business practices and essential financial strategies, the program is meant to easily lead into a four-year degree. If you want a specialized college or a higher degree, then you’ll like this online program.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University


This online program excels in showing you the ropes when it comes to business. The program obviously focuses on financial studies, but you’ll also learn about business law, marketing, technology and applied statistics so that you can become a great asset to whatever employer that you work for.

Another interesting benefit is that this college has many satellite campuses throughout the New England area. If you are in this area of the country, then you can easily visit the campus to see the library or talk to other students.


10 Best Associates of Accounting Online Campuses

Rankings BadgeStudents who are thinking about attending accounting school now have the option of pursuing an online education. An associate’s degree in accounting can open up incredible doors for a variety of careers in finance, business, law and government work. The skills that a student learns in an accounting program can translate into a wide range of professions. Interested students can browse the offerings and qualifications of the following 10 online accounting programs. The following 10 online accounting programs have placed in the top 10 through their distinctive curriculum, numerous awards and rankings by entities like U.S. News & World Report. An online accounting program can be the perfect option for the person who is juggling both work and family commitments while attempting to obtain an accounting education.

1. Northeastern University:

Northeastern University

Image Source

The online accounting program of Northeastern University encompasses a broad range of coursework for students. Students can take courses in financial reporting, economics, cost analysis, and even business law in Northeastern’s program. US News has ranked Northeastern University as number 61 out of the best business schools in the United States. What makes Northeastern University unique is the fact that the school offers certificates in areas like forensic accounting through its online program. Northeastern’s online accounting program is relatively new, and it is quickly becoming a popular program. It is also one of the most competitive online accounting programs, as only 34 percent of all students who apply are ultimately accepted into the program.

2. Colorado Technical University:


Image Source

Colorado Technical University opened its doors in 1965, and it recently created its own online program for students. The online associate’s accounting degree takes about 15 months to complete. The cost of the degree program is about $21,680 to complete. The school offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. The school will consider dual credits and transfer credits for students who wish to enroll in the online associate’s accounting program at Colorado Technical University.

3. Ashworth College:

Post University

Image Source

Those who wish to learn how to maintain financial records and prepare financial reports may wish to consider pursuing the associate’s accounting degree program at Ashworth College. To apply for the online associate’s accounting program at Ashworth College, students need to have a high school diploma or GED. The duration of the program extends anywhere from six to twelve months for a total of four semesters. The tuition fees for a semester can range from $963 to $1265. The benefit of attending Ashworth for its accounting program is that the full tuition amounts to about $5,000, which is significantly lower than the tuition for other accounting programs. The course has been accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

4. Franklin University:


Image Source

Franklin University offers an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in accounting through its online program. The program features advising from some of the top advisors in the accounting industry such as Tom Hrubec, Alan Rogers and Charles Saunders, Jr. The program at Franklin University has been accredited by leading accounting organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Internal Auditors and Association of Government Accountants. Students who attend Franklin University for its accounting program will gain exposure in courses like intermediate accounting, federal income tax, auditing, accounting information systems, accounting research and analysis, income tax planning and even accounting ethics. Those students who are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in accounting may wish to consider getting their start at Franklin University.

5. Florida Tech University:

florida_tech university_1_

Image Source

Florida Tech University offers a wide range of degree types in accounting that include an associate’s, bachelor’s, MBA and other specializations in the field. The school has its accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The online accounting program at Florida Tech University offers a dynamic set-up that includes live lectures, faculty discussion boards, online faculty and student support and virtual office hours in a chat room setting. The program has also been regionally accredited and has ranked consistently in Tier 1 of universities by U.S. News & World Report. The school has also been ranked as one of the “Best in the Southeast” according to the Princeton Review. Florida Tech University is renowned for its ability to provide personalized lectures to students in an online setting.

6. Bryant and Stratton College:

Bryan Stratton

Image Source

The Bryant and Stratton online accounting program has been accredited by the Middle States Association and is a renowned program. With its great flexibility, students can listen to lectures or complete their coursework at any time of the day. The total tuition for the program is about $31,000, and the cost of books is about $2,800. The online accounting program makes use of software called TopClass for providing instruction to students. The school prides itself on providing an online accounting program that enables students to complete it in less than 16 months. The only program also provides added flexibility in that students have the option of transferring up to 50 percent of the credits that they need for graduation. Students choose Bryant and Stratton College for the high-quality instruction that they can receive on accounting topics.

7. Strayer University:


Image Source

Strayer University offers an affordable associate’s and bachelor’s degree program in accounting. Its associate’s degree program in accounting provides a strong foundation for a bachelor’s degree in accounting or other type of degree. Strayer University states that students can complete the program in their own time. The majority of students participate in the program on a part-time basis and take up to 3.5 years to complete the entire program. The University states that 86 percent of its graduates are able to complete the program on time. The cost of tuition for students at Strayer University is about $36,500, and the cost for books and supplies in the program is about $3,000. Students can also pursue an MBA in taxation, accounting information systems, taxation and controller-ship. Students choose Strayer University for the part-time option that is available to them in this program.

8. Kaplan University:


Image Source

Kaplan offers both a two-year associate’s degree and Master’s degree in accounting. Students have the option of testing out the accounting program through the Kaplan Commitment. The Kaplan Commitment enables students to enroll and take a course for a trial period of three weeks. Students can also take specific courses that are more in line with their career interests and goals. The fee for Kaplan University credits is $371 per credit. The total tuition cost for an associate’s degree at online accounting program from Kaplan is $33,000. To graduate from the associate’s program, students will need to successfully complete at least 90 credits. The typical student takes two years or less to complete the accounting program. The major benefit of pursuing the Kaplan accounting program is that students have the option of tailoring their program to fit their needs. Students can also get a feel for the programs offered by Kaplan before paying the steep costs of tuition, and this is another significant factor in their decision to enroll in Kaplan’s accounting programs.

9. Penn Foster College:

Penn Foster

Image Source

In the online associate’s accounting program at Penn Foster College, students will complete a total of 66 credit hours. The courses that students take in this program include business orientation, information literacy, introduction to business, mathematics for business and finance, financial accounting and an elective course. One of the major benefits of attending Penn Foster College is that it enables students to transfer a large number of credits. Students may transfer a total of 75 percent of their course credits from other institutions. Penn Foster College has been licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Post-secondary Education. Military students may qualify for significant tuition discounts at this school as it is part of the DANTES organization.

10. University of Phoenix:

University of Phoenix

Image Source

The University of Phoenix offers a degree option that includes an associate of arts with a concentration in accounting for students. At least 43 percent of students enrolled in the program were able to complete it within 23 months. The courses that students take will focus on topics like financial accounting, accounting ethics, introduction to finance, financial reporting and accounting information systems. The total cost of tuition per credit is $395, and students must also pay a materials fee of $90 per course. There are also scholarships available for students who are interested in enrolling in the program. The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs has accredited the program. The total length of courses in the accounting program is nine weeks, and courses are offered in blocks within the program. The average total cost of the program ranges from $16,000 to $25,000.

Best Schools for a Bachelors of Finance Online

GetAttachmentThe days of online programs having a dubious reputation or being somehow considered inferior to brick-and-mortar programs are long past. Online education has grown considerably over the last decade, and many prestigious institutions now offer online tracks alongside their regular courses. Along the way, they have made education available to a far wider range of people than in the past due to their flexibility; students who would not be able to fit daytime or even night classes into their schedules can work on their online courses in their own time. Finance is one course of study that has thrived in the online environment, and it is possible to obtain a bachelor’s degree in this branch of business without setting foot on a college campus. Below are the top ten online programs for a bachelor’s degree in finance.

1 Grand Canyon University:

grand canyon university

Image Source

A private Christian university, Grand Canyon University offers its bachelor’s of science in finance and economics for online or offline study. Coursework covers such topics as international trade, finance, portfolio management, marketing, accounting, statistics and more. There is also a focus on management strategy in classes on organizational behavior as well as courses that emphasize leadership and innovation. For maximum flexibility, classes in the online program begin every month, and many are taught by full-time faculty ensuring that online students get the same good education as students who attend classes on the GCU campus. “Fortune” magazine has recognized GCU’s online program as one of the top online schools for entrepreneurs, and the finance program there will prepare students to run businesses of their own as well as working for corporations, government and nonprofits.

2. Penn State University:

Penn state 2

Image Source

As one of the top-ranked universities in the country, Penn State unsurprisingly has a strong online program and one of the top overall business programs online. Students interested in finance can focus on accounting or financial services online and minor in finance; according to the “Wall Street Journal,” in a survey of corporate recruiters, Penn State ranked in the top spot. The accounting option focuses on tax, audits, financial and managerial accounting and systems and controls while the financial services option prepares students to work with corporate taxation, estate planning, portfolio analysis, personal financial planning and retirement planning. Students also have the option to create their own individual finance-related course plan. Penn State has been recognized by “U.S. News and World Reports” as having one of the best online bachelor’s degree programs in the country.

3. Temple University:

Temple Campus

Image Source

At Philadelphia’s prestigious Temple University, students from all over the world can study accounting through the online branch of one of the best business schools in the United States. Students have access to the same strong course material and professors that they would in the offline program. Many companies including the Big Four accounting firms recruit students from the program and job placement is high. Students graduating with the bachelor’s in accounting may also work in information systems, consulting, for the government or for nonprofits among other careers. The curriculum itself includes such topics as theory, ethics, asset management, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and foreign operations, auditing and more. Students also take courses in communication, humanities and social sciences to ensure a well-rounded education.

4 Post University:

Post University

Image Source

The campus in Waterbury, Connecticut has been educating students for more than 120 years, and now its online bachelor’s degree program in finance gives students the same low student-to-teacher ratio that they could expect on campus. Other aspects of the online program are also equivalent to the course offerings offline. Students have the opportunity to study either personal finance or corporate finance with faculty who have a mix of academic and real-world experience. The overall online bachelor’s degree program at Post University was ranked in the top 20 by “U.S. News and World Reports” in 2013. The finance program is divided into a series of eight-week modules that are offered six times per year, and 84 percent of graduates from the program go on to find employment. The average student takes seven years to complete the bachelor’s degree in finance.

5 Northeastern University:

Northeastern University

Image Source

Ranked in seventh place among up-and-comers by “U.S. News and World Reports,” Boston’s Northeastern University has been educating students for more than 100 years and today has a strong online program to complement its brick-and-mortar campus. The online bachelor’s of science in finance and accounting management includes classes in strategic cost analysis, accounting information systems, macroeconomics, taxation and international business as well as courses in communication, psychology and writing to produce well-rounded graduates who are ready to handle multiple aspects of a business career. Both “Entrepreneur Magazine” and “The Princeton Review” have named the career department at Northeastern the top in the nation, so students can be assured of excellent support in finding employment within their fields after graduation.

6. Colorado Technical University:


Image Source

While most online classes are conducted asynchronously meaning that students and instructors respond to one another with time lags in between, online students at Colorado Technical University have the option to participate in live interactive classes online. They also may view class sessions that have been archived. Furthermore, many online campuses do not provide set office hours for online instructors, but this is another benefit available to CTU students. Students pursuing a bachelor’s in business administration with a finance concentration will have the opportunity to take courses in areas such as money and capital markets, international finance, corporate finance, investments, financial statement analysis and more. Nearly 100 percent of employers who have hired a CTU graduate report that alumni are as well prepared or better prepared to perform their jobs as other employees.

7. Ashford University:

Ashford University

Image Source

Iowa-based Ashford University seeks mature students for its online bachelor’s degree in finance, and it ensures this maturity by requiring its program applicants to either be at least 22 years of age or to have earned an associates degree, be a readmitted student to Ashford or to be changing majors from another degree. A degree will include courses in business law, ethics, macroeconomics and microeconomics, personal finance, risk management, international finance and more. Faculty combine advanced degrees with real-world experience they can pass on to their students. Ashford offers military grants to currently serving military, veterans and their spouses and encourages community among its students with a military background. Ashford’s finance program prepares its graduates to work in careers such as financial planning, financial analysis, insurance administration and more.

8. Strayer University:

Strayer University

Image Source

At Strayer University, online students in finance have the option of completing the program in fewer than four years if they attend full time. Headquartered in Virginia, Strayer has more than 100 campuses in over 20 states although more than half of its students are enrolled in its online programs. Students also have the option to mix online and offline courses. The bachelor’s of business administration with a finance concentration includes classes in financial markets and institutions, financial entrepreneurship, international finance, commercial bank management and more. Strayer’s career center offers assistance to graduating students in finding work in their fields. Because most of Strayer’s students are working adults, the university offers a flexible approach to completing the degree with the option of taking five years or more to do so.

9. Capella University:

2capella univ

Image Source

In 2010, the National Survey of Student Engagement found that Capella University was ranked above average both in academic challenges and a supporting campus environment to its students, and 86 percent of its faculty hold doctoral degrees. Graduates of its bachelor’s degree in business make $36,000 more per year than high school graduates. Finance degrees include classes in statistics, investments and portfolio management, entrepreneurial finance, public and nonprofit finance, international finance and financial institution management. The coursework leaves students well-equipped for employment in a variety of financial environments on graduation. A bachelor’s degree also requires courses in communication, humanities, social science and natural science and mathematics. Students already in the workforce may be eligible for credit for industry certifications, work experience and other education.

10. Bellevue University:


Image Source

U.S. News and World Reports ranked Bellevue’s online programs leading to a bachelor’s degree in ninth place nationally, and the United States Distance Learning Association gave the university its 21st Century Best Practices Award. Best Accounting Degrees ranked Bellevue’s bachelors in accounting program as one of the top 10 online degree accounting programs. The degree prepares students to go on to careers in finance; students also have the option to enroll in the 4 + 1 accounting program that allows them to move into Bellevue’s MBA program and potentially shortens the length of that course by permitting early placement. The program also helps to prepare graduates to take the CPA exam and includes classes in international accounting, tax accounting, financial auditing, ethics and economics.

Ten of the Most Affordable Schools Providing an Online Masters of Finance

GetAttachmentWorking towards a degree from an online master finance school may sound intimidating, but in fact there are many different colleges to choose from that are accredited and affordable from home. Enrolling in an online master finance school is a way to find positions in everything from public accounting to managing stocks and mergers. Obtaining a degree from home online has many advantages that can allow you to focus more on your studies while working towards your degree. Knowing some of the top most affordable online master finance schools can help you with making the right decision when you choose to enroll.

Why Enroll in an Online Master Finance Program?

Enrolling in an online master finance program is an ideal way to earn your degree without being required to attend classes in traditional schooling environments and atmospheres. When you take master finance classes online, it is much easier to focus on studies you are interested in without distractions. Many online master finance programs can be completed in as little as 12 to 18 months depending on your course load as well as your own schedule. Determining which college and online master finance program is right for is a way to get on the track to just about any career available in the finance industry today.

West Virginia University:

Virginia sate Unvs

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The West Virginia University was first established in 1867 and has been accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Currently, the master finance program available from West Virginia University online charges $288 per credit hour to complete the course from home online. 288 per credit hour. Enrolling in the online master finance course from Western Virginia University requires you to study everything from ethics and macroeconomics to microeconomics and corporate responsibility. There are also advanced financial planning and managing courses available to fit any specialty area of interest you are interested in working in long-term. The West Virginia University online programs offer some of the most affordable tuition rates, for students in-state and out.

Kaplan University


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Although Kaplan University was originally founded in 1937, it is best known for its online courses and programs, including the current online master finance program. Students who enroll in the online master finance program through Kaplan are requires to pay $441 per credit hour. Because the master finance program is a graduate program, $441 is a reasonable and affordable amount to earn your degree. The program from Kaplan University gets students involved with real reports, assignments and even presentations with the use of a virtual presentation system online. Using the online system makes it simple to check grades, upcoming lessons and even exams that you need to prepare for ahead of time. Kaplan University is one of the most innovative online learning schools available to date. It is also possible to interact and communicate with other students and professors throughout all courses.

Ashford University:

Ashford University

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Ashford University currently charges $463 per credit hour to work towards your Master’s in Finance. There is also a $50 technology fee that applies with each course you choose to enroll in. Additionally, each course has an approximate $140 cost for books, course materials and instructional guides and there is a graduation fee of $150 once you have completed the program. Reviewing all of the fees before enrolling is the best way to estimate the total costs of your tuition. With the Ashford Online University option, you will learn everything from the principles of accounting to understanding business law and managing finances for small and large enterprises. Whether you are planning to work in accounting or if you want to help with investing in businesses or managing stocks, Ashford University provides the curriculum necessary for just about any career in finance you desire.

Bellevue University:


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Bellevue University is a university that requires all students enrolled in its online programs to be living in the United States. The online master finance program offered from Bellevue University requires students to pay $485 per credit hour. The university is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. One benefit of enrolling in the Bellevue University online to complete your master finance program is the ability to start your classes in any month of the year. Most of the curriculum provided in the master finance program from Bellevue University is directed towards capital budgeting, financial management basics, global markets and understanding enterprise risk management. Bellevue University’s online master finance program is ideal if you enjoy working with international companies or if you want to expand your business knowledge that can come in handy around the world. Additionally, if you are interested in investing in businesses and learning more about risks and stocks, the Bellevue University online master finance program may be right for you.

University of Colorado at Denver:

Unv colorado denver

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The University of Colorado Denver costs $496 per credit hour for in-state students and residents when working towards completing the online master finance program available. The out-of-state students are required to pay $1,169 per credit hour, which is not nearly as affordable as alternative options or if you are a resident of Colorado yourself. The college itself is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The program offered from the University of Colorado Denver has students begin with theory courses while also selecting multiple electives to take immediately. Learning about financial modeling, management, innovations, mergers, acquisitions and even firm valuation are all lessons and subjects covered in this program.

Northeastern University:

Northeastern University

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Northeastern University, also known as Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business, is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The University itself was officially founded in 1922. The online master finance program requires students to pay $545 per credit hour in order to complete it in its entirety. Students who are enrolled in the online master finance program from Northeastern University will dive into everything from understanding portfolio management to financial risk management and how to handle business turnarounds. Northeastern University is ideal whether you want to work as a CPA or if you are interested in managing finances for large corporations. Classes on determining the valuation of companies as well as lessons on mergers and acquisitions are also provided with this program.

University of Michigan-Dearborn:

Michigan dearborn

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Any student who lives in Michigan and enrolls in the online master finance program at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, is required to pay $575 per credit hour for the program online. Additionally, students who are out-of-state but wish to complete the online master finance program are required to pay $1,093 per credit hour. With the University of Michigan, Dearborn, you will be immersed in basic finance courses as well as advanced financial management and merger lessons. Students who are enrolled in the online master finance program at the University of Michigan have the choice to complete their studies online, off, or a combination of both. You can compare all of the financial courses that are currently available online and off from the official University of Michigan Dearborn website.

Southern New Hampshire University:

New hampshire unv

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The Southern New Hampshire University is known as one of the top-ranked schools by World Report and US News, and has been providing various degree programs for more than 80 years altogether. The University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and charges $627 per credit hour for the online master in finance program. An advantage of applying for the The Southern New Hampshire University master in finance program online is that you are not required to submit GMAT or GRE scores when trying to get into the school. Students who are enrolled in the online master finance program from The Southern New Hampshire University will focus on financial planning, securities and investments, international investments and corporate finance.

Creighton University:


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Creighton University was originally founded in 1878 and it has received the ranking of the #1 Midwestern University by World Report and US News in the past. Because Creighton University is a top-tier educational facility, students are required to pay $730 per credit hour to complete the online master finance program provided. Students who are interested in portfolio management and security analysis are ideal candidates for Creighton University, as the school provides courses that are specific to these areas in finance. Additionally, Creighton University is currently one of the only schools across the globe that is partners with a CFA program.

Lewis University:


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Although Lewis University’s online master in finance program charges $760 per credit hour, it offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in different areas right from the comfort of your own home. The Lewis University is a private university and is considered Lasallian and Catholic. Originally, Lewis University was created as an aviation school and now offers a much broader range of subjects, including obtaining a Master’s in Finance. Once you done with your undergrad students and you are looking to move on to a graduate program, Lewis University offers a rigorous CFA Level 1 Exam, required you to write the entire exam in order to obtain your degree.

Top Ten Doctorate of Finance Schools Online

GetAttachmentIf you are looking for a doctorate in financial studies, then you obviously want to attend only the best and most prestigious school. While there are many choices if you intend on physically going to classes, it gets a little bit harder if you want online classes. The good news is that there are several colleges that have an online doctorate program that you can complete in a matter of years. These are the 10 best colleges for this area of study.

Kansas State University:

Kansas State Unvs

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Kansas State University is offering an online doctorate program for personal financial planning. This program is unique because it’s currently one of the few online programs in this area of study. Students who complete the entire program will also be eligible for the CFP certification exam. You can easily get a job as a accredited financial counselor, registered financial consultant or certified retirement counselor.

The entire program emphasizes macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial planning, counseling skills and the ability to use advanced financial software. The program is very career based, and it’s meant for people who currently have a job in the financial field. Students are pushed to find their area of interest, and you should be able to find work at public or private companies.

Walden University:

Walden University

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Walden University offers a doctorate in business administration with several different specializations. You can specialize in financial studies, but you might also be interested in the accounting specialization.

The program focuses on helping you understand what contributes to a firm’s value, and how you can significantly improve that value with strategic financial moves. You will learn how to structure a firm’s finances, create a budget and even work with other countries if the firm works with international clients.

Students are encouraged to constantly combine experience, practice and theory for the best results. Courses also focus on developing your critical-thinking and writing skills so that you can easily speak with CEOs and other high-level business people.

While the classes are primarily online, you must be present for eight academic residency days to get your doctorate.

Capella University:

Capella University

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Capella University offers an online doctorate degree in business administration with a financial specialization. The courses primarily focus on the theory behind financial administration. You will not only learn the history of modern financial theories, but you will understand why they are essential and how you can apply them once you graduate.

While the program focuses mostly on theory, you will also learn how to use those theories in practical situations. Students are encouraged to consider the legal, ethical and regulatory angles of every decision before moving forward. Since most companies deal with international clients, you will also learn how to perform tasks that don’t endanger the company’s standing in another country.

Many students with a doctorate from Capella University become CFOs, CEOs and VPs in finance.

Boston University:

Boston University

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Boston University’s financial doctorate program is much more factual than the others. While most of the other universities focused on both theory and practice, Boston University offers a doctorate in mathematical finance that focuses almost exclusively on factual and analytical information.

While some of the courses involve theories, it’s a student’s job to understand exactly how those theories are applied in a mathematical sense. This is better for people who like following a specific path rather than applying theories to certain situations.

One of the best things about Boston University is that most students will have an average starting salary of $100,000, and about 66 percent of students have a job by the time they graduate.

North Central University:

North central university

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This college has a program for a doctorate of philosophy in financial management. While you are technically getting a philosophy degree, the coursework combines theories and practical situations so that you can adequately function in a real work environment.

The program will teach you skills that apply to both not-for-profit and for-profit companies as you will be able to understand how a company generates earnings, properly using investment techniques and reading financial documents. Students will also be able to offer expert financial advice that companies can use to grow their value.

Students will be prepped for educational environments, but you can easily get a job as a teacher, financial analyst, financial researcher, economist and loan officer. Along with applying skills, you will also be encouraged to continue gathering new skills to best serve your employer.

University of Essex:


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If you want a doctorate in computational finance, then the University of Essex might be the right college for you. As the program suggests, the coursework primarily concerns understanding the formulas and technological side of finance. Students will learn about financial risk management, using programs to aid in gathering intelligence and how to manage large amounts of money.

Aside from being more on the logical side, the University of Essex prefers using a research-based model that puts students and teachers in close proximity. You will be expected to speak with your professors on a regular basis as you develop your thesis. There are also a number of internship opportunities, both domestic and international, for online students.

Many of the top students will go on to work for large companies like Mitsubishi, HSBC and Bank of England. If you want a college that gives you many opportunities, then University of Essex is one of the best choices.

SMC University:


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SMC University offers a degree in business administration and financial management through their online classes. Instead of combining experience and theory, SMC prefers to combine strong and effective content with powerful and proven business strategies that will help you succeed in any financial field.

While most universities prefer to show you exclusively how to use financial information, SMC will also teach students about various socio-economic ideas that can be used to help understand the people that a company advertises towards. This allows you to form financial strategies that will better serve your employer’s customers, which can put you on the fast track to various promotions.

This is a practical degree course that works perfectly for anyone who wants to climb the ladder in a corporate setting.

University of Maryland:

Unv of Maryland

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The University of Maryland’s doctorate in financial information seems very similar to other doctorates at first glance. You will learn about financial theory, asset pricing and microeconomics. The major difference is how the courses are focused.

You are not treated as a student that might get a mid-level job after completing your doctorate. The University of Maryland is known for raising leaders, and most of the classes will teach you exactly how to lead a department or an entire company. While you’ll still have to climb the ladder when you get hired, you’ll know exactly how to manage both employees and financial information.

If you want a college that prepares for you a high-level leadership position, then this is definitely the best college for you.

Empresarial University of Costa Rica:


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If Spanish is your primary language, then you might want to choose the Empresarial University. The doctorate of business administration offers both English and Spanish classes, and you’ll learn how to manage financial information through a comprehensive list of courses and tasks that will train you to meet the expectations of even the strictest employers.

Students will learn how to lead at the executive level, use financial information to boost a company’s value, prepare strategic budgets and how to work with advanced corporate finances.

Another benefit is that you can choose how your courses are structured. You can either choose a research-based program with an extensive thesis, or a course-based program with a smaller thesis. If you are worried about creating a long and extensive thesis, then this might be beneficial.

Manderson Graduate School of Business:


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The Manderson Graduate School of Business does not just teach students how to perform well in a business setting; their benefits are attuned to business-based people. For example, their courses are small and focused so that you get the best ROI for your expenditures. You are also expected to interact with your teacher so that you get the most from each class, which will help when you look for a job after graduating.

This college offers a doctorate in business administration and finances. It works best for people who are more interested in business as a whole and who want to use their financial acumen to catapult to the top of a company, but the courses offer comprehensive information that almost anyone interested in finances can use.


There are many colleges that offer a doctorate in financial studies, but these 10 go above and beyond because their courses are special, have certain attributes that will help you get a good job and they are all known for producing great workers with a high starting salary. If you want to make the most of your time and money, then be sure to study with one of these colleges.

10 of the Best Online Masters of Finance Degree Programs

GetAttachmentWhether you have always been savvy with numbers and managing finances or if you are seeking a viable career option that has a positive outlook for the future, obtaining a Master of Finance degree can be done right from the comfort of your own home, online. Obtaining a Master of Finance degree from home is ideal if you have a hectic everyday schedule or if you prefer studying on your own and without traditional classroom rules and boundaries. Some of the top best online Master of Finance degree programs provide you with all of the coursework necessary to become everything from a Certified Public Accountant to a professional investor or stock broker.

How to Choose the Right Online Program for You

When you want to enroll in an online master of finance degree program, it is important to keep in mind the type of career you desire for yourself and any areas you want to specialize in pertaining to finances. Understanding the budget you have available to pay for your own tuition as well as any loans or grants you are capable of receiving can also help you to find an online school that provides the curriculum you need while also being affordable to you.

Penn State:

Penn state 2

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Penn State is one of the most well-known and prestigious colleges around within the US that also provides an extensive financial program for those seeking a master of finance degree from home. Earning one credit at Penn State will cost you about $1,025. Once you enroll in the master of finance program at Penn State, you will then be placed into a classroom with other students who are also taking the same courses. Enrolling in the same course as your peers is a great way to communicate effectively and to still learn the information you need in a basic group setting, even if you are all learning from a distance. Penn State university online provides students with an extensive number of lessons regarding finances and business solutions that are related to finances and investing. Understanding stocks, mergers, selling of companies and even the handling of business accounts are all subjects that are taught as lessons once you are a student of Penn State’s online master in finance program, regardless of your specialty or the career you desire.

Southern New Hampshire University:

Southern New Hampshire University

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The Southern New Hampshire University master of finance degree program charges $627 per credit hour to all students who are graduates already. The Southern New Hampshire University has been ranked as a Tier 1 University by World Report as well as by US News. Additionally, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges has also endorsed Southern New Hampshire University as it is completely accredited. Main concentrations and focal points of the master of finance degree program out of the SNHU includes corporate finance, financial planning, investments and security as well as understanding international investment opportunities.

Arizona State:

Arizona State University

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Arizona State University offers an extensive program for obtaining an online master in finance. As a student enrolled in the program, you have the ability to choose between all of the 500-level finances courses that are currently available. The program itself can be completed in as little as 12 months depending on the courses you enroll in and your own schedule. The total cost of tuition and fees when you are enrolled in an online master in finance program from Arizona State is approximately $11,228 for in-state residents who are currently living in Arizona. You will discover everything from understanding the basics of finances to diving deeper into financial management, stocks and investments whether they are low or high-risk.

Post University:

Post University map

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Post University was awarded the title of one of the best online programs available for graduate business in 2013, by U.S. News. Post University provides an extensive online course for students who wish to pursue a career in finance and are looking to obtain their own master in finance. Enrolling in Post University can be done all right from home, providing all students who are a part of the program the ability to get engaged and involved with all of the degree coursework that is offered. The program from Post University not only covers basic information regarding financial information, constructions and tools, but it also showcases different types of applications of theory and how various financial institutions have influence in today’s society.

Grand Canyon University:

Grand canyon Arena university

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Enrolling in the Grand Canyon University online master of finance program is a way to specialize in understanding the management of working capital, how to budget and invest properly and even how to go about raising funds in a capital environment or market. The program allows students to complete coursework right from home or just about any location with a proper Internet connection at all times. When you enroll in the Grand Canyon University online master in finance program, you will also begin to understand various advanced business strategies that can help you to advance your career even further. Studying acquisition laws and information about mergers, partnerships and cooperative agreements will all be covered in this extensive online degree program to obtain a master in finance and business.

North Eastern University:


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North Eastern University is a private college that was founded in 1898 and is currently accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools. It is possible for all enrolled students of North Eastern University to earn their degree and complete the master of finance program online in just 16 months with the proper planning and enough dedication to completing the work. It is possible for all students who are interested in the master of finance program to enroll at least 6 times per year at North Eastern University, making it a convenient option for those with busy or hectic schedules. The online master of finance degree program from North Easter University requires $1385 per credit hour to complete.

University of Michigan:

Unv M1

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The University of Michigan out of Dearborn, MI was founded in 1959. The school charges about $575 per credit hour for all residents of Michigan and $1,093 for any other individual out-of-state who wishes to enroll in the school. The University of Michigan out of Dearborn has been accredited by “The Higher Learning Commission”. When you enroll in the master of finance program available from the University of Michigan, it is possible to do so by selecting all of your courses online or by opting to enroll in some courses at the school itself. The actual online master of finance degree program from the University of Michigan is open to all graduates regardless of the undergraduate program you have completed.

Kaplan University:


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Originally founded in 1937, Kaplan University has recently become more popular in today’s society with the increase in online courses being offered. Kaplan University costs approximately $441 per credit hour, allowing individuals from all around the world to work towards their master of finance degree at one of the lowest rates available. Although all of the courses are online with Kaplan University, students are required to participate in traditional assignments, written reports and in some cases, even group projects or presentations in front of other peers involved in the same class. Financial planning and analysis are the main focal points of the courses and entire program of finance offered from Kaplan University.

Golden Gate University:


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The Golden Gate University is a private non-profit institution that provides online courses as well as programs that are local and in person. The school was originally founded in 1901 and is currently accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Competing the master of finance degree program from the Golden Gate University is possible by paying $2,520 per credit hour of the course. When you enroll in the Golden Gate University’s master of finance program, be prepared to learn about corporate finance, investments and even understanding capital markets. You will also be taught extensively about financial analysis as well as financial modeling and future predictions.

New England College of Business and Finance:


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The New England College of Business and Finance was originally founded in 1909 and has a tuition cost of $2,160 per course you take and complete with the school. The college itself was originally known as the American Banking Institute and is currently accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Since 1909, the school has evolved drastically and now solely provides online course options, including the ability to obtain an online master of finance degree. When you enroll in the online master of finance degree program from the New England College of Business and Finance, you will learn everything about the financial industry as well as regulatory issues and laws being dealt with today. The entire degree program can be completed online and right from home.

Knowing how to compare various online master in finance programs can help you to find the right college or university that is most suitable for you, even if you only plan to complete the coursework from home. Obtaining a master in finance degree from a program at home allows you to focus more on any lesson you want to hone in on to help with advancing your career and giving you more opportunities in the future once you have earned your degree.

Top Ten Schools offering Bachelors degree for Finance

GetAttachmentA career in finance can be lucrative, challenging and rewarding. Every type of business and organization in every field needs someone who takes care of the financial side of things, and a finance degree can lead to work for the government, for corporations, for nonprofits, for small businesses and even to self-employment. A career in finance can mean advising the very wealthy on where to best profit from their investments, helping low-income people pay for education and homes, working in international banking or development, assisting young entrepreneurs in obtaining loans for their start-ups and so much more. The world economy may be struggling and the allure of banking or Wall Street jobs may have dimmed, but the flexibility and stability of finance means this is a solid career choice with many interesting options for graduates. The best start to a good career is a good education, so what colleges offer the best bachelor programs in finance these days?

1. University of Pennsylvania:

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Ranked number one among colleges offering bachelor’s degrees in finance by U.S. News and World Reports: the University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740, is considered one of the Ivy League universities and has a long history of excellence. Its Wharton School of Business was the first college business school in the world and is also considered one of the best. Students in the finance program can choose between four areas of specialization: banking and financial investments, corporate finance, financial instruments and portfolio management and international finance. Professors in the department have won numerous awards, and courses include classes in private equity, managing fixed-income portfolios, venture capital, buyouts and acquisitions and more.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Mass Institute tech

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Besides the engineering wing and being classified as a Research University; MIT is often associated with science and technology careers and MIT also offers an exceptional business program. Their bachelor’s program in management science with a concentration in finance at Sloan School of Management is ranked third place by U.S. News and World Report among finance programs for undergraduates throughout the United States. Classes in such topics as options and futures markets, analytics, mergers and acquisitions and international finance prepare students for a wide variety of careers. Creativity and innovation are highly valued at Sloan and throughout the business program, and its alumni include former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan, Lotus software founder Mitch Kapor and Merck CFO Judy Lewent while the faculty has included a number of Nobel laureates among other honors.

3. New York University:


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At the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU undergraduates can choose finance as one of their areas of concentration, and U.S. News and World Reports has ranked the school second among finance programs in the country. The business program includes a global sequence that offers classes in international economics and an international studies program that includes a week of study abroad. Students also have the opportunity to take courses that include short visits to Abu Dhabi, India or Ghana or an entire semester away in a number of countries. Undergraduates are taught by the same professors who teach in the prestigious M.B.A. program and several Nobel prize winners are on the faculty. Courses include such topics as behavioral finance, hedge fund strategies, global macroeconomic issues, behavioral finance and more.

4. Babson College:


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Its M.B.A. program has held the top spot in the U.S. News and World Reports ranking from entrepreneurship for 20 years while the college overall ranks its alumni earnings above that of any Ivy League school, so it is unsurprising that this business college bachelors with a focus on finance is considered one of the best in the country. Students take classes in corporate financial management, options and futures, global financial management and more. Babson counts one-quarter of its undergraduate students as coming from outside the United States as well as from nearly every state in the union making for a diverse student body. Bloomberg Businessweek named Babson the highest-ranking business college for students return on their educational investment; placing it in 11th place overall for business schools.

5. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor:


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At this Michigan state school, students generally must apply for admission to the prestigious Ross School of Business following their freshman years although a few students are allowed in immediately after high school. With multiple tracks available, students can concentrate in finance by taking such courses as options and futures in financial decision-making, international finance management, value portfolio management and more. U.S. News and World Reports has ranked its finance program fourth in the nation, and in a 2010 Wall Street Journal poll, recruiters ranked it number one for finance. More than nine out of every ten graduates from the business school receive offers within three months of finishing with median salaries of $65,000. Goldman Sachs, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Microsoft are among the top companies that hire from the school.

6. University of Virginia:


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U.S. “News and World Reports” has ranked the finance program for undergraduates at McIntire School of Commerce tenth in the nation, and Bloomberg Business Weekà has ranked McIntire second for undergraduate business degrees. One unique feature of the program is that it pairs with such corporate sponsors as Rolls-Royce and Alcoa to give students the opportunity to solve a real business problem for those companies. Students seeking a bachelors in finance major in economics with a concentration in finance taking classes such as theory of financial markets, empirical finance and more. Students in the finance program are also expected to both know calculus and be familiar with computer programming; it is considered the most challenging concentration in the undergraduate business school.

7. University of North Carolina:


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Business majors at Kenan-Flagler Business School can choose between a concentration in general or corporate finance. The former offers such courses as entrepreneurship, global financial statement analysis and mergers and acquisitions while the latter includes financial modeling, advanced derivatives and strategic economics. UNCÃ’s finance program is ranked eighth by “U.S. News and World Reports” and the business school consistently lands at the top of polls including seventh place rankings in leadership and sustainability from “Bloomberg Business Week.” Professors come from more than 15 different countries and nearly half have corporate experience while 10 percent sit on boards of companies and 15 percents have run their own businesses. An annual Undergraduate Business Symposium each fall brings a number of recruiters and executives to campus to network with students and teach.

8. Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie Mellon

Image Source

Carnegie Mellon University requires its students seeking a bachelor’s in business to choose a track for focus, and the finance track there is ranked seventh by “U.S. News and World Reports.” Eight faculty members or doctoral graduates from the Tepper School of Business have won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Classes such as continuous-time finance, corporate financial reporting and derivative securities prepare students for finance careers, and the 11 core courses include classes on business ethics, communication and organizational behavior. Classes are small to ensure students receive plenty of individual attention, and students also have a variety of opportunities to study abroad. A Professional Service Project allows students to network outside the classroom while working on leadership and building social responsibility.

9. Miami University – Farmer School of Business:


Image Source

In 2011, “Businessweekly ranked Miami University’s Farmer School of Business in Oxford, Ohio as 22nd overall and seventh among public universities. Over half of the business school students from Farmer study abroad. The school offers students of all business majors the opportunity to work toward a certificate in the China Business Program in which students learn about the international business community in China. Students majoring in finance may take courses including real estate principles, international business finance and portfolio management among others. Students graduating from the finance program may go on to take licensing examinations for real estate, insurance, investments and more. Graduates may work in also securities, estate planning, trust administration and other finance-related fields.

10. Indiana University Bloomington:


Image Source

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University is nearly 100 years old and has long received top rankings from various sources that rank higher education including “The Princeton Review and “Money.”  In fact, Kelley holds the distinction of being one of only three business schools throughout the United States with top twenty rankings from “U.S. News and World Reports” in all of its graduate and undergraduate programs, and its finance program has been ranked ninth by the same body. Finance faculty have been visiting economists for the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors while students have the opportunity to network and build their skills through programs that connect them with professional opportunities such as the Investment Banking Network and the Benecki Center for Real Estate Studies.

Top 10 Graduate Finance Schools by Highest Average Starting Salary

GetAttachmentTo some degree, most MBA (master of business administration) programs and other graduate finance degree programs teach very similar classes in basic financial management skills such as finance, marketing, operation and accounting.

What differentiates finance programs at the best business schools from the rest of the pack are their respective degrees of access to other students, alumni, faculty, and business and community leaders who can be extremely useful in developing a career path and building business relationships. A top-rated finance program can be viewed as a brand. The strength of that brand is the program’s ability to connect you with capital, business partners, vendors, and clients. Here’s a look at some of the top graduate finance programs and they have been arranged by the average gross salary of graduates from highest to lowest.

Each of these schools have many distinctive qualities and utilize unique strategies towards learning. The Average Salaries of Alumni from all of these schools all top over a hundred thousand dollars annually.

10-New York University (Stern):

2NYU Stern

Image Source

One of New York University’s Stern School of Business’s biggest attractions is its location just a few miles north of the Big Apple’s Wall Street where the vast majority of the school’s graduates go to work after they graduate. The program is a particular favorite with executives who already have graduate degrees but who want to improve their business credentials. Admission into the program is highly selective, and only 20 percent of applicants succeed in getting in.

The Stern School offers business specialties that you won’t find anywhere else such as a curriculum in luxury marketing. Indeed, the Stern School offers one of the largest assortments of business electives of any of the top tier of American business schools. A significant portion of its classes are offered in the evening hours, which makes working while attending school an option.

9-Duke University:

Duke University

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Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business recently opened the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to advance academic learning in this underexplored area of business. The Center for Entrepreneurship joins Fuqua’s Center of Leadership & Ethics, Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship and Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment as a focus for academic and research-based explorations of the business process.

Fuqua is ranked by magazines such as “Forbes” and “The Financial Times” as a solid choice, particularly for students who are interested in teaching business once they obtain their graduate degrees. Fuqua is also known for its rigorous honor code and a cheating scandal in 2008, which resulted in the expulsion of nearly 10 percent of the 2008 class.

8-Columbia University in the City of New York:

Columbia Univerisyt Virtual Campus

Image Source

Over the years, Columbia Business School has had more Nobel Prize winners in Economics on staff than any other business school in the United States. Nearly 40 percent of the school’s 650 executive MBA students were born and raised outside the U.S., and the school maintains close ties with 25 graduate management institutes around the world.

The school offers a range of programs including programs with an emphasis on traditional financial topics such as accounting, private equity, marketing and real estate as well as programs with a more topical emphasis such as decision and risk, health care and pharmaceutical management, international business and social enterprise. Its most famous specialization, however, may be its Value Investing Program. Alumni of Columbia University’s Value Investing Program include Mario Gabelli and Warren Buffet.

The school’s most problematic aspect is its outmoded facilities, which critics say are in desperate need of an upgrade. Columbia University is expanding its campus into West Harlem, however, and a good portion of this new land has been allocated to the needs of the business school. These new facilities are not scheduled to open before 2030, however.

7-Dartmouth College:


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Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business focuses on only a single degree: a two-year master of business administration degree. In their first year, students adhere closely to a 32- week core curriculum, but in their second year, students are encouraged to design their own customized fields of study. The program actively seeks to diversify its 500 member student body by promoting an annual Tuck Diversity Conference and by supporting the Forté Foundation, which serves women in business.

If alumni donations can be used as a measurement of student loyalty, Tuck has the most loyal group of former students in the United States. The school consistently claims the highest percentage of alumni donations of any business school in the world. The majority of Tuck graduates go into careers related to management consulting, and Tuck counts many CEOs of Fortune 500 businesses among its alumni.

6-Northwestern University:


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The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University just outside Chicago is best known for pioneering programs that emphasize international collaboration as a value add-on. Kellogg MBA students have the opportunity to spend the fall or winter of their second year of study at an affiliated international business program, and the Kellogg School partners with international business programs in such places as China, France, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Canada, and Thailand. Accordingly, attending Kellogg gives alumni access to possibly the largest global network of entrepreneurs, capitalists and other business innovators.

The Kellogg School’s full-time MBA degree is consistently ranked among the top in the nation by magazines such as “BusinessWeek” and “U.S. News and World Report,” and its part-time evenings and weekend MBA program was recently ranked as the nation’s best by “BusinessWeek.”

5-University of California – Berkeley:


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The Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley is known for its BILD (Berkeley Innovative Leader Development) curriculum, which attempts to reconcile traditional business management education with ethical decision-making strategies. The school is also an innovator in out-of-classroom learning opportunities such as its Haas@Work program, which sends teams of Bay Area students to work at large Bay Area firms. Like Stanford, the Haas School of Business benefits greatly from its proximity to the Silicon Valley high tech sector in which many of its graduates end up working.

In addition to its traditional two-year MBA program, the Haas School offers a three-year evening and weekend program. It also collaborates in a program with Columbia University that allows students to earn concurrent MBAs from the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University.

Besides an MBA degree, the Haas School also offers a Master of Financial Engineering program with a specific emphasis on quantitative skills that apply mathematical methods to financial issues.

4-University of Chicago (Booth):


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The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business offers a range of graduate programs in basic financial disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, and marketing as well as in specialty areas such as health care administration, human resources management, international business, organizational behavior, public policy, and entrepreneurship. The school also offers concurrent degree programs in conjunction with the University of Chicago Law School, the Pritzker School of Medicine and the Harris School of Public Policy.

The Booth School is known for the flexibility of its programming. It offers full-time campus programs as well as part-time (evening and weekend) and executive MBA programs. The executive program is unique in that students may elect to spend the required residential portion of the program at any of the Booth School’s campuses in Chicago, London or Singapore.

3-University of Pennsylvania:


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Founded in 1881, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School was the world’s first university-based business school. Though the institution itself declines to participate in ratings out of respect for the privacy of its students and alumni, the program is consistently ranked by magazines like “Business Week” and “The Financial Times” as among the best in the world.

Wharton is a large school, with close to 100,000 alumni worldwide. The business school offers 19 discrete areas of specialization including consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, health care and marketing. Wharton maintains two campuses, one in Philadelphia and one in San Francisco, and offers a full-time campus option as well as a weekend residential option for business executives.

2-Princeton University:


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Princeton University does not offer an MBA program as such, but does offer a master’s degree in finance through its interdisciplinary Bendheim Center for Finance, which emphasizes a quantitative, mathematical approach in modeling financial markets. Ben Bernanke, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve, helped found the Bendheim Center in 1998. The degree is a two-year program, but students with a strong professional financial background may be admitted into an accelerated one-year option. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in risk management, quantitative asset management, macroeconomic, financial forecasting, quantitative trading, and other forms of financial engineering.

1-Stanford University:


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Stanford University is situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, which gives its students instant access to technology’s most innovative sector. Stanford’s admits approximately 390 students a year into its two-year program or approximately 6.5 percent of all applicants, making it the most selective business school in the world. Stanford’s MBA program depends more upon team projects, simulations and experiential learning than many other MBA programs do.
The magazines “Forbes” and “U.S. News & World Report” rank Stanford’s graduate business program as the top program in the world. Among its faculty are three winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences: William F. Sharpe (1990), Myron Scholes (1997) and A. Michael Spence (2001).