10 of the Best Online Masters of Finance Degree Programs

GetAttachmentWhether you have always been savvy with numbers and managing finances or if you are seeking a viable career option that has a positive outlook for the future, obtaining a Master of Finance degree can be done right from the comfort of your own home, online. Obtaining a Master of Finance degree from home is ideal if you have a hectic everyday schedule or if you prefer studying on your own and without traditional classroom rules and boundaries. Some of the top best online Master of Finance degree programs provide you with all of the coursework necessary to become everything from a Certified Public Accountant to a professional investor or stock broker.

How to Choose the Right Online Program for You

When you want to enroll in an online master of finance degree program, it is important to keep in mind the type of career you desire for yourself and any areas you want to specialize in pertaining to finances. Understanding the budget you have available to pay for your own tuition as well as any loans or grants you are capable of receiving can also help you to find an online school that provides the curriculum you need while also being affordable to you.

Penn State:

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Penn State is one of the most well-known and prestigious colleges around within the US that also provides an extensive financial program for those seeking a master of finance degree from home. Earning one credit at Penn State will cost you about $1,025. Once you enroll in the master of finance program at Penn State, you will then be placed into a classroom with other students who are also taking the same courses. Enrolling in the same course as your peers is a great way to communicate effectively and to still learn the information you need in a basic group setting, even if you are all learning from a distance. Penn State university online provides students with an extensive number of lessons regarding finances and business solutions that are related to finances and investing. Understanding stocks, mergers, selling of companies and even the handling of business accounts are all subjects that are taught as lessons once you are a student of Penn State’s online master in finance program, regardless of your specialty or the career you desire.

Southern New Hampshire University:

Southern New Hampshire University

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The Southern New Hampshire University master of finance degree program charges $627 per credit hour to all students who are graduates already. The Southern New Hampshire University has been ranked as a Tier 1 University by World Report as well as by US News. Additionally, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges has also endorsed Southern New Hampshire University as it is completely accredited. Main concentrations and focal points of the master of finance degree program out of the SNHU includes corporate finance, financial planning, investments and security as well as understanding international investment opportunities.

Arizona State:

Arizona State University

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Arizona State University offers an extensive program for obtaining an online master in finance. As a student enrolled in the program, you have the ability to choose between all of the 500-level finances courses that are currently available. The program itself can be completed in as little as 12 months depending on the courses you enroll in and your own schedule. The total cost of tuition and fees when you are enrolled in an online master in finance program from Arizona State is approximately $11,228 for in-state residents who are currently living in Arizona. You will discover everything from understanding the basics of finances to diving deeper into financial management, stocks and investments whether they are low or high-risk.

Post University:

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Post University was awarded the title of one of the best online programs available for graduate business in 2013, by U.S. News. Post University provides an extensive online course for students who wish to pursue a career in finance and are looking to obtain their own master in finance. Enrolling in Post University can be done all right from home, providing all students who are a part of the program the ability to get engaged and involved with all of the degree coursework that is offered. The program from Post University not only covers basic information regarding financial information, constructions and tools, but it also showcases different types of applications of theory and how various financial institutions have influence in today’s society.

Grand Canyon University:

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Enrolling in the Grand Canyon University online master of finance program is a way to specialize in understanding the management of working capital, how to budget and invest properly and even how to go about raising funds in a capital environment or market. The program allows students to complete coursework right from home or just about any location with a proper Internet connection at all times. When you enroll in the Grand Canyon University online master in finance program, you will also begin to understand various advanced business strategies that can help you to advance your career even further. Studying acquisition laws and information about mergers, partnerships and cooperative agreements will all be covered in this extensive online degree program to obtain a master in finance and business.

North Eastern University:


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North Eastern University is a private college that was founded in 1898 and is currently accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Schools. It is possible for all enrolled students of North Eastern University to earn their degree and complete the master of finance program online in just 16 months with the proper planning and enough dedication to completing the work. It is possible for all students who are interested in the master of finance program to enroll at least 6 times per year at North Eastern University, making it a convenient option for those with busy or hectic schedules. The online master of finance degree program from North Easter University requires $1385 per credit hour to complete.

University of Michigan:

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The University of Michigan out of Dearborn, MI was founded in 1959. The school charges about $575 per credit hour for all residents of Michigan and $1,093 for any other individual out-of-state who wishes to enroll in the school. The University of Michigan out of Dearborn has been accredited by “The Higher Learning Commission”. When you enroll in the master of finance program available from the University of Michigan, it is possible to do so by selecting all of your courses online or by opting to enroll in some courses at the school itself. The actual online master of finance degree program from the University of Michigan is open to all graduates regardless of the undergraduate program you have completed.

Kaplan University:


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Originally founded in 1937, Kaplan University has recently become more popular in today’s society with the increase in online courses being offered. Kaplan University costs approximately $441 per credit hour, allowing individuals from all around the world to work towards their master of finance degree at one of the lowest rates available. Although all of the courses are online with Kaplan University, students are required to participate in traditional assignments, written reports and in some cases, even group projects or presentations in front of other peers involved in the same class. Financial planning and analysis are the main focal points of the courses and entire program of finance offered from Kaplan University.

Golden Gate University:


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The Golden Gate University is a private non-profit institution that provides online courses as well as programs that are local and in person. The school was originally founded in 1901 and is currently accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Competing the master of finance degree program from the Golden Gate University is possible by paying $2,520 per credit hour of the course. When you enroll in the Golden Gate University’s master of finance program, be prepared to learn about corporate finance, investments and even understanding capital markets. You will also be taught extensively about financial analysis as well as financial modeling and future predictions.

New England College of Business and Finance:


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The New England College of Business and Finance was originally founded in 1909 and has a tuition cost of $2,160 per course you take and complete with the school. The college itself was originally known as the American Banking Institute and is currently accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Since 1909, the school has evolved drastically and now solely provides online course options, including the ability to obtain an online master of finance degree. When you enroll in the online master of finance degree program from the New England College of Business and Finance, you will learn everything about the financial industry as well as regulatory issues and laws being dealt with today. The entire degree program can be completed online and right from home.

Knowing how to compare various online master in finance programs can help you to find the right college or university that is most suitable for you, even if you only plan to complete the coursework from home. Obtaining a master in finance degree from a program at home allows you to focus more on any lesson you want to hone in on to help with advancing your career and giving you more opportunities in the future once you have earned your degree.