10 Best Associates of Accounting Online Campuses

Rankings BadgeStudents who are thinking about attending accounting school now have the option of pursuing an online education. An associate’s degree in accounting can open up incredible doors for a variety of careers in finance, business, law and government work. The skills that a student learns in an accounting program can translate into a wide range of professions. Interested students can browse the offerings and qualifications of the following 10 online accounting programs. The following 10 online accounting programs have placed in the top 10 through their distinctive curriculum, numerous awards and rankings by entities like U.S. News & World Report. An online accounting program can be the perfect option for the person who is juggling both work and family commitments while attempting to obtain an accounting education.

1. Northeastern University:

Northeastern University

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The online accounting program of Northeastern University encompasses a broad range of coursework for students. Students can take courses in financial reporting, economics, cost analysis, and even business law in Northeastern’s program. US News has ranked Northeastern University as number 61 out of the best business schools in the United States. What makes Northeastern University unique is the fact that the school offers certificates in areas like forensic accounting through its online program. Northeastern’s online accounting program is relatively new, and it is quickly becoming a popular program. It is also one of the most competitive online accounting programs, as only 34 percent of all students who apply are ultimately accepted into the program.

2. Colorado Technical University:


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Colorado Technical University opened its doors in 1965, and it recently created its own online program for students. The online associate’s accounting degree takes about 15 months to complete. The cost of the degree program is about $21,680 to complete. The school offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. The school will consider dual credits and transfer credits for students who wish to enroll in the online associate’s accounting program at Colorado Technical University.

3. Ashworth College:

Post University

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Those who wish to learn how to maintain financial records and prepare financial reports may wish to consider pursuing the associate’s accounting degree program at Ashworth College. To apply for the online associate’s accounting program at Ashworth College, students need to have a high school diploma or GED. The duration of the program extends anywhere from six to twelve months for a total of four semesters. The tuition fees for a semester can range from $963 to $1265. The benefit of attending Ashworth for its accounting program is that the full tuition amounts to about $5,000, which is significantly lower than the tuition for other accounting programs. The course has been accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

4. Franklin University:


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Franklin University offers an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in accounting through its online program. The program features advising from some of the top advisors in the accounting industry such as Tom Hrubec, Alan Rogers and Charles Saunders, Jr. The program at Franklin University has been accredited by leading accounting organizations such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Internal Auditors and Association of Government Accountants. Students who attend Franklin University for its accounting program will gain exposure in courses like intermediate accounting, federal income tax, auditing, accounting information systems, accounting research and analysis, income tax planning and even accounting ethics. Those students who are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in accounting may wish to consider getting their start at Franklin University.

5. Florida Tech University:

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Florida Tech University offers a wide range of degree types in accounting that include an associate’s, bachelor’s, MBA and other specializations in the field. The school has its accreditation from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The online accounting program at Florida Tech University offers a dynamic set-up that includes live lectures, faculty discussion boards, online faculty and student support and virtual office hours in a chat room setting. The program has also been regionally accredited and has ranked consistently in Tier 1 of universities by U.S. News & World Report. The school has also been ranked as one of the “Best in the Southeast” according to the Princeton Review. Florida Tech University is renowned for its ability to provide personalized lectures to students in an online setting.

6. Bryant and Stratton College:

Bryan Stratton

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The Bryant and Stratton online accounting program has been accredited by the Middle States Association and is a renowned program. With its great flexibility, students can listen to lectures or complete their coursework at any time of the day. The total tuition for the program is about $31,000, and the cost of books is about $2,800. The online accounting program makes use of software called TopClass for providing instruction to students. The school prides itself on providing an online accounting program that enables students to complete it in less than 16 months. The only program also provides added flexibility in that students have the option of transferring up to 50 percent of the credits that they need for graduation. Students choose Bryant and Stratton College for the high-quality instruction that they can receive on accounting topics.

7. Strayer University:


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Strayer University offers an affordable associate’s and bachelor’s degree program in accounting. Its associate’s degree program in accounting provides a strong foundation for a bachelor’s degree in accounting or other type of degree. Strayer University states that students can complete the program in their own time. The majority of students participate in the program on a part-time basis and take up to 3.5 years to complete the entire program. The University states that 86 percent of its graduates are able to complete the program on time. The cost of tuition for students at Strayer University is about $36,500, and the cost for books and supplies in the program is about $3,000. Students can also pursue an MBA in taxation, accounting information systems, taxation and controller-ship. Students choose Strayer University for the part-time option that is available to them in this program.

8. Kaplan University:


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Kaplan offers both a two-year associate’s degree and Master’s degree in accounting. Students have the option of testing out the accounting program through the Kaplan Commitment. The Kaplan Commitment enables students to enroll and take a course for a trial period of three weeks. Students can also take specific courses that are more in line with their career interests and goals. The fee for Kaplan University credits is $371 per credit. The total tuition cost for an associate’s degree at online accounting program from Kaplan is $33,000. To graduate from the associate’s program, students will need to successfully complete at least 90 credits. The typical student takes two years or less to complete the accounting program. The major benefit of pursuing the Kaplan accounting program is that students have the option of tailoring their program to fit their needs. Students can also get a feel for the programs offered by Kaplan before paying the steep costs of tuition, and this is another significant factor in their decision to enroll in Kaplan’s accounting programs.

9. Penn Foster College:

Penn Foster

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In the online associate’s accounting program at Penn Foster College, students will complete a total of 66 credit hours. The courses that students take in this program include business orientation, information literacy, introduction to business, mathematics for business and finance, financial accounting and an elective course. One of the major benefits of attending Penn Foster College is that it enables students to transfer a large number of credits. Students may transfer a total of 75 percent of their course credits from other institutions. Penn Foster College has been licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Post-secondary Education. Military students may qualify for significant tuition discounts at this school as it is part of the DANTES organization.

10. University of Phoenix:

University of Phoenix

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The University of Phoenix offers a degree option that includes an associate of arts with a concentration in accounting for students. At least 43 percent of students enrolled in the program were able to complete it within 23 months. The courses that students take will focus on topics like financial accounting, accounting ethics, introduction to finance, financial reporting and accounting information systems. The total cost of tuition per credit is $395, and students must also pay a materials fee of $90 per course. There are also scholarships available for students who are interested in enrolling in the program. The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs has accredited the program. The total length of courses in the accounting program is nine weeks, and courses are offered in blocks within the program. The average total cost of the program ranges from $16,000 to $25,000.